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Family Support Project (FSP)

The selection of families for inclusion into the Project is based on:-

  • low standard of living which is due to the financial situation of the family; 
  • a family with many children; 
  • single-parent family; 
  • foster family or a child/children under the guardian of a relative; 
  • a disabled child or child with serious medical condition. 

The nomination of the family could be organised in different ways.
The main sources to nominate families are:-

 Self-referral: UK hosts nominate a family to be sponsored. Often after they   hosted a child the hosts identify the need for further support.

 General Public Supporters: sponsors learned about the FSP and the charity through other ways or from other sponsors and decided to join the project.

 Direct applications by social services, schools or families: FSP is well   known in Belarus and Ukraine including local authorities. 

    FSP often remains the last resort for people in desperate situations. 

Once a sponsorship is set up the supported family is contacted and how to open a bank account The family is advised on the frequency of funding transfers (January & July) so they know when to check their accounts. The families is asked to stay in touch with their sponsor as and when possible. This is not always an easy task as internet is an unknown novelty for many and the postal service can be very unreliable. Sending an international letter may be almost a days trip adventure for some. 

For many FSP becomes their only chance in life to receive help. Utility bills are going up virtually nonstop. The Government is cutting subsidies and  everyone pays 100% of the actual costs with no benefits. For many families this will be over 2/3 of their monthly income.
The generosity and compassion of sponsorship is indeed vital and makes a real difference to the sponsored families and children. Thank you.


        Support. Harmony. Alliance. Rejuvenation. Education.

To create on an existing site a respite/holiday centre for young people affected by the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. This involves a total rebuild of a disused school and ancillary buildings.

Disused school building

To enable disabled children their parent/s and siblings to leave the confines of their restricted worlds where they live often confined to their flats and where the needs of their disability is not recognised by society. Giving them the opportunity for respite in the countryside, to socialise and relax.

Building the Guest House  Completed Guest House

Electricity Supply

 To give the opportunity to the many children who do not get the opportunity to come to the UK for a month to partake in summer camps on the site.

Young people who have been hosted by Chernobyl children's Lifeline will be invited to volunteer thus giving something back to their fellow citizens.

The charity's Family Support Project children will also be given the opportunity for respite.

Fire Pit

There will be huge opportunities for students & others, both local and from overseas to contribute, eg foreign language, archaeology, botany, ornithology, construction, forestry, ecology, physiotherapy, speech, drama, and music students would all have something to offer and to gain.

To find out more visit the charity's SHARE web site

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