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Hosting and Helping

       For the children who are selected by the Belarusian or Ukrainian                          authorities to come to the UK it is a trip of a lifetime.

Belarus village street 
Belarusian village street

  Ukraine village street   

                            Ukrainian village street                             

       Staying up to 4 weeks with Hosting Placements can boost their                         immune systems just by eating cleaner food and breathing
                                                    fresher air.

Our hope is to be able to bring different groups children aged 8 - 11 years accompanied by English speaking Leaders/s every year for a recuperative holiday.

Our objective is to raise funds, find and approve Hosting Placements,
Host Support and Helpers and bring children to our region. 

The children and leaders stay with approved Hosting Placements in and around the Galloway area.

Newton Stewart Street
A Newton Stewart Street

The children are accepted as part of the family and receive lots of tender loving care. It is a very rewarding experience for the children, leader and all involved.

All homes are different.
The children will come from living situations that are so different from our own but children are adaptable and like us will enjoy the challenges and experiences of sharing our homes.
People who offer their homes do so without recompense. It may mean changing domestic arrangements to accommodate the guest children.
Homes are visited by our Family Liaison Officer and another as part of the initial home interview for potential Hosting Placements.

  A home in Belarus  A home in northern Ukraine
A Home in Belarus 
                 A Home in Ukraine

A home in Galloway
A Home in Galloway

Hosting Placements welcome 1 or 2 children or Leader/s into their homes for 2 or 4 weeks. Other shared arrangements would be considered.

Hosting is not only a privilege and pleasure but also a responsibility not to be taken lightly ensuring a wonderful time together for the children, their leader and those involved in hosting and helping.

                    Hosting Placement  Host Supporters                 Hosting Placement                       Host Support

There is a network of support so Hosting Placements would not be on their own. Host Support may be able to offer occasional hosting or day care in case of need. 
The Host Support help the Hosting Placement to look after the children when called upon.
There may be times when family matters take precedence over activities.
It may be that a "sitter" is required when the host has to be away from home during the stay. Host Support provides an integral part of the hosting activity.
A Hosting Placement or Host Support are either parents with or without children, or non parental partnerships. Other offers of Host Support would be considered.

Helpers are essential during a visit at events, as fund raisers, car owner/drivers, qualified first aiders, etc.,
The list of help required is quite extensive.

Mummified Helper

Mummified Helper!

For at least 5 days per week the children and leaders participate in Link organised activities accompanied by Hosts or Support and/or Helpers.
This gives the children the chance to interact and to be able to talk together in their own language.

There is always someone on hand to offer advice if needed.
Of course there are some people that have hosted many times and can pass on tips and experiences.

As a Hosting Placement, Host Support or Helper you will be provided with a Link Information Pack containing a Hosting Handbook of advice, information and guidance. You are never left to cope on your own.

Each Hosting Placement or Host Support or Helper if necessary is carefully checked and must complete a Disclosure Scotland Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) application form (we will help you with this) then after PVG clearance is received the children can be hosted.

It is important that we understand the trust that the children's parents or guardians and authorities have put in us.

This page gives a brief outline of hosting and helping.
If you are interested please contact us.

Can you give a home from home?

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