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 Remember Chernobyl?

Can you remember the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident?
The Belarusians and the Ukrainians can.
They are still suffering from the legacy of the world’s worst nuclear disaster.........

damaged no. 4 reactor

  • The worlds worst nuclear accident 26th April 1986
  • At least 400x greater than the Hiroshima atomic bomb & 100x greater than the Fukishima Nuclear Plant explosion.
  • 190 tonnes of highly radioactive material and other toxins expelled into the atmosphere
  • 70% of the emitted 100 million curies fell on Belarus
  • 2 million+ people subjected to radioactive contamination
  • 25% of Belarusian farmland now wasteland and forest fires are releasing contamination. 
  • An estimated 800,000 children will be at risk of contracting cancers, genetic blood disorders and damage to their immune systems
  • Related illnesses have become known as Chernobyl Aids and the post operative thyroid scar as Belarusian Necklace.
  • New hot spots of contamination are still being discovered
  • At present the death rate in Belarus is higher than the birth rate.
  • The entire Republic of Belarussia is described as the greatest environmental and ecological disaster in the history of humanity
  • The original containment sarcophagus was replaced in 2016.

  • The emerging picture of impact on the children born subsequent to the accident is causing concern with an increasing incidence of genetic blood disorders and related illnesses, cancers such as thyroid and intestinal as well as heart and other soft organ defects. Their health problems are compounded with heavy metal poisoning and economic and social hardship. 


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