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A Visit

Preparation - A Brief Outline

There is a hive of activity throughout the preceding months with fund raising activities and preparatory meetings. 

Hosting Placements are visited, approved and PVG checked as are recruited Host Support  and Helpers where necessary.
Based on the needs of the Hosting Placements and our Link finances we can determine the number and select the gender and age of the children.

The Leaders in Belarus/Ukraine also arrange preparatory meetings with the children, their families and other representatives.


The flights and dates are booked for the visit well in advance through the national charity and monies are paid.

A balanced programme of weekly activities during the visit is arranged for the children, Leaders and Hosting Placements and others to enjoy.

In Belarus and the Ukraine the children and Leaders are selected based in part on our requests and they have preparation meetings.

If possible, clothing, footwear, vitamins and toiletries + other essentials are collected by our supporters to distribute to each Hosting Placement.

               Preparation Goodies  Welcome Teddies               Preparation Goodies                Welcome Teddies

Caps waiting for heads  Vitamins Ready

                           Caps Waiting for Heads            Vitamins Ready

Transport is arranged to and from the UK airports.

Dental and optical appointments are booked.


The Visit - A Brief Outline

The children and Leaders travel from their homes to Minsk or Kyiv airport then onward to a UK airport.This can be quite a long journey.

The children will be tired, excited, emotional, apprehensive and first time travellers abroad. 
They are met by our Link representatives at the UK airport of arrival.

Group Visit  Visiting Ukrainian Children 2018
Group Visits

It is hoped to be able to bring children during Summer 2022

They travel to a local pre-designated venue where the Hosts and others meet and greet the guests. 

There is a Welcome Party or a Get Together when there is some time to talk with the Leader/s and sort out any necessary details regarding the children.

Our Link Chairperson is in constant liaison with the Leader/s and they are available 24 hours every day during the visit.
They are responsible for the safety and welfare of the children.
They visit homes to ensure any concerns are dealt with and that the children and Hosting Placements are settling in together.

Link organised activities give the opportunity for the children, Host and Support, Helpers and Leader/s to meet together socially and interact.
We are fortunate that there are many attractions in and around the area. 
It is hoped the children will attend as many Link organised activities as possible although Hosting Placements can make private arrangements with the Link’s permission.
Children are not allowed to holiday outside of mainland UK.

A Gallery of Activities

Happy and Tyred  Inflatable Fun  Climbers  Yachting  Fire Team  Seaside  Canoeists    Budding artists  Rafters  
Other than that the Hosting Placements have the quality time to provide for and care for their guest children and Leader/s.

Our Link recognises the importance of the Hosting Placements and will ensure that they are fully supported throughout the visit.

Hosting Placements are encouraged to be involved as much as possible and perhaps invite the Leader/s into their homes and share a meal.

Before we know it 4 weeks have passed and it is time to go home to Belarus/Ukraine.

There is a Farewell Party and travel arrangements organised.

Going home can be quite emotional for all.

Would you like to have some memories to treasure?

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